Do I buy the fishing licenses myself?2017-12-27T13:25:22+00:00

It is up to the customer to take care that he has a valid proof of paying the required fishing management fee and the lure card for the province. The payments can be made as follows:
Everybody, in the age group from 18 to 64 years, who does fishing besides angling with a hook and line or ice-fishing, must pay a fishing management fee. Fishing management fees (24 euros/year or 7 euros/7 days) are paid for the bank account: FI47 5000 0121 5028 42. The Payee is Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

A lure-fishing 18 to 64 years old person needs either permission from the owner of the water area or payment of provincial lure fishing fee, in addition to the fishing management fee. Provincial lure fishing fee (31 euros/year or 7 euros/7 days) is paid to one or more of the following Bank accounts:

Province of Southern Finland
FI69 5000 0121 5028 34

Province of Western Finland
FI81 5000 0121 5029 09

Enter the name of the person to be licensed in the Message box.
The license payments can be made at bank offices, payment ATMs, or Internet banks. Internet bank receipt printout is not an official receipt, but generally accepted as a document. If the licenses have not been attended for, the guides have the opportunity to take care of the licenses on the night before the trip, if they get the names of participants.

May I take my own gear to the boat?2017-12-27T13:25:42+00:00

Many people want to fish with their own gear, which suits us excellent. You need not take along your own equipment, as there are lots of rods in the boats; rods for jig fishing as well as for casting pike or trout. For fishing to be enjoyable, the rods and reels for customer use are of high quality and in top shape.

We don’t recommend your own rods or reels for trolling trips, as there’s enough of them in the boats already. Your are welcome to take your own lures along, though.

Do we start on a trip when the wind is high on the sea?2017-12-27T13:27:26+00:00

It is not good for the customer or us to start on a trip in rough weather. We want to offer our customers such exhilarating experiences that they come again. It is not possible with foamy high waves. If we can’t go salmon or sea trout fishing out on the sea, it is still possible to fish pike on the sheltered inner bays. If it seems that the weather prevents fishing, the guide will, after getting a more detailed weather forecast, contact the customer, and they will make the decision together whether to cancel the trip altogether, or try some other kind of fishing that is reasonable and productive in the weather.

In salmon fishing and sea trout fishing on the outer islets, the wind limit is 8 meters per second. Among the isles, the wind limit is 12 meters per second.

How many fishermen does a boat take?2017-12-27T13:28:49+00:00

This depends on the boat reserved by the customer. The open Silver Eagle can take up to five casting fishermen, although four is the recommended number. When trolling there may be even six fishermen. The hard top Fishstella Cabin is a special boat for trolling. It can take up to four fishers aboard. The traditional fisher boat model Merisaurus can take up to eight fishermen for the trip.

Who does the catch belong to, skipper or customer?2017-12-27T13:29:42+00:00

We play fair. The catch belongs to whoever caught it.

How many fishes you may take up?2017-12-27T13:32:39+00:00

We do selective fishing. Big pikes we always try to release for growing, to keep the standard of fishing high on the Southern coast. When the customer has taken her food fish, we release the further catch to grow.

What happens, if a lure that I have borrowed gets caught in the bottom?2017-12-27T13:35:05+00:00

The skipper gets sad.

What happens if I lose all three lures that I’ve been given?2017-12-27T13:35:33+00:00

The skipper will wonder on his choice of career.

Do you require advance payment?2017-12-27T13:36:56+00:00

Private persons pay for the fishing trip at shore. Business customers are invoiced after the trip. The after-the-trip invoicing has been found a very successful and flexible method. If a trip is cancelled because of bad weather or some other cause, money need not be sent back.

How much do I have to pay, if I cancel my reserved trip only one day before the start?2017-12-27T14:34:37+00:00

If the trip is cancelled four days before the trip, and it has not yet caused eg. equipment buying costs, we don’t charge any kind of cancellation fee. If the trip is cancelled 1 to 3 days before, we charge 25% of the trip price. If a trip is cancelled on the day of the trip, we charge the customer half of the price of the trip.

Am I certain to catch fish on a HotSpot trip?2017-12-27T14:35:23+00:00

It depends on the fish we are looking for. When fishing for perch or pike the usual certainty is 100 per cent. When fishing for pike-perch the percentage is almost the same. Casting for sea trout is demanding even for expert fishermen, but anyway fish are sighted on almost every trip. When starting on a salmon fishing trip, you must do it with an attitude that catch would be a nice touch. Salmon is caught on every second or third trip.

May I take my wife with me, even though she does not fish?2017-12-27T14:36:42+00:00

The price for a boat is the same for 2 or 4 persons.