Fish we catch

Sea trout

Sea trout is one of the most wanted catches in spring and autumn. It is fished from a boat. In spring we cast spoon at our top secret hot spots, and in autumn we fish for sea trout at shoals by the open sea, either by casting or by trolling. In either season we travel in the middle of a great archipelago, which experience charges your batteries for everyday routine chores.
During the fishing day you learn to use special sea trout fishing techniques required to hook this torpedo of the sea, the medium weight of which, on our trips, is about 2 kg, the biggest weighing over 5 kg.

The best seasons for sea trout are April 15 to June 15 and October 1 to November 30.


Perch is our definite favorite, both at the end of the line and served on fish menu. Though it does not grow big, a half kilogram perch can make the line quite tight, not to mention the 1 kg perches swimming in our hottest spots. The nice thing about perch fishing is that they can be caught all year round, fish bite and everyone has fun!

Perch is a fish to go fishing in winter on the vast ice flats at sea. You must have heard about the unbelievable ice fishing catches at sea. We plead guilty of having something to do with the origins of these stories.

The best season is September 1 to April 1.


Pike-perch is an unbelievable fish in many ways. It has unpredictable moves; one moment it’s on bite and the next it isn’t. It can be really choosy about lures, but we believe we have solved many of the puzzles of perch-pike fishing. The early summer and late autumn catches are really good with fish sizes from 0.8 to 3 kgs. Fishing is mainly casting, but sometimes we also troll for pike-perch on rewarding hot spots of Porkkala, Inkoo, Tammisaari, and Särkisalo.

The best season is April 1 to October 31.


If you have two days of time for salmon fishing, where do you think you can best catch salmon: on the rivers of Teno and Tornio, or at the sea near Porkkala peninsula? Going to northern rivers, time is wasted sitting in the car. On southern coast we also sit, but in the boat tiring out a salmon. What about the size of fish? Off Porkkala peninsula the medium size of fish is 8 to 10 kg, the biggest touching the 20 kg mark.

Sea salmon is trolled for in summer, in June, July, and August. The fishing is done out on the sea, where our boat will have you in a hurry. The summer weather at sea is quite gentle and many of our customers have lifted up their record salmon in the middle of a calm Gulf of Finland. That is an experience well worth having!

The best season is May 15 to August 31.


Pike is a favorite among Finnish lure fishers. Its good to go fishing where the circumstances for catching are best, and in Finland that is the southern coast. The medium weight of our catch is 2 to 4 kg, and the biggest are over 10 kg. The high seasons are May to June, and September to November. The fish are mostly tried to catch with spoons or wobblers, but we sometimes troll for big pikes from steep sea bottom banks.
The best season is September 1 – November 30.


As an early spring specialty we offer whitefish angling in the archipelago. The coastal waters are freezing cold in early spring and do not tempt any other fish, but whitefish does not mind the cold water. Whitefish angling is done from shore or from a boat, and good spots can be found along the coast. The usual size of catch is about 500 to 700 grams, but sometimes the medium size can be over 1 kg. The biggest specimens are over two kilograms.

The season is short. It starts when water is free of ice, and ends usually by mid-May.
The best season is April 1 to May 10.