Fishing Spots

We arrange fishing trips along all of the southern coast of Finland, with the focal point on coastline between Helsinki and Turku. Popular starting points for a fishing trip are Helsinki, Espoo, Inkoo, Snappertuna, Tammisaari, Hanko, Bromarv, Särkisalo and Kemiö. Fishing trips are being realized according to customer wishes. These wishes are combined with the recommendations of the guide and we tailor a fishing trip destination that suits you.

The place is determined by the targeted catch and the way customer wants to catch it. Casting is much more popular than trolling, because there’s much more to do for the fisher in casting. Casting is mostly done on boats, and at the end of the line we use spoons, flies and jigs with or without a bait. Casting is very versatile, as various fish species need widely different techniques and gear. On offer are catch-certain pike fishing suitable for beginners, challenging sea trout surf casting for capable fishers, and everything in between.

But trolling has its moments of glory, too. Even a long wait will be fast forgotten, when salmon grabs the offered lure or bait on the open sea. Sometimes even pike-perch or sea trout is better caught by trolling than casting. The guide has the key role in selecting the right way of fishing for the day.

It is well worth asking the guide what and where to fish.