Finland Western Gulf’s best fishing stories are told in these spaces!

Many fishing trips have culminated with an island-style dinner in great company. Our fishing packages include several options for evening fun and overnight stays on western Gulf of Finland, in various price groups. The coastline villas are classy and up to the requirements of business guests. Often accommodation is decided based on the fish to be caught. In some places trout is the main fish to catch, in some others it is pike. Below you will find tips on which fish to catch at each villa.

 Helsinki – Espoo – Kirkkonummi

Villa Vitsand, Villa Patrons, Artalli


Fishermen’s luxurious paradise. Our new villa has got the latest technology combined with warm atmosphere. On the walls you can find some history of fishing tackle, unique fish art paintings and fish mounts. Very quiet location, no other houses nearby. A big protected Natura-area is beside the villa. Four double bedrooms plus a separate sauna building. If you want to find a hiding place for your vacation – this is the place to be!

Accommodates: 8

Bedrooms: 4

Meeting room: 10

  • Main species in nearby waters: Pike, pike-perch, perch, white fish.
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Villa Vitsand

Villa Vitsand (White sand), built in 1999, lies at the base of a quiet sand-bottom cove on the east coast of the Porkkala peninsula. Three two-person rooms plus a smaller villa alongside with additional accommodation for three. Maximum capacity 13 persons, with bunk beds. Conference room and sauna. All commodities. Dinner served on request.

Accommodates: 6, small villa 4

Bedrooms: 3, small villa 2

Meeting room: 20

  • Main breeds of fish in nearby waters: sea trout, white fish, perch, pike, salmon
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Villa Patrons

To the west of Porkkala peninsula lies Villa Patrons, a very large (380 m2) luxury villa, built from top quality log. Its terrace, on the side of the evening sun, has a great view to a sheltered bay, where pike-perches wait for their catchers.

  • Meeting room: 5-25
  • Fish species in nearby waters: pike-perch, perch, pike, sea trout, white fish
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Artalli is an old stables that has been renovated into a meeting space and à-la-carte restaurant, with a magnificent view over Vikträsk Lake from the terrace and the shoreline of the sauna. As part of the program we organize a trip to the Pikkalanlahti pike-perch spots. The trip itself is an adventure, as we drive by boat along the narrow river to the sea. Top chef Henrik Rehbinder is turning the catch into a tasty dinner while the day’s exciting fishing stories are being shared in sauna steam. An unparalleled day-trip destination with great meeting and sauna facilities. The hall fits 54 people, the stables upper side 80 and the terrace 30.

  • Day meeting: max 80
  • Main breeds of fish in the nearby waters: pike-perch, pike, perch, white-fish, sea trout.
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The little island of Torrharun lies right on the brink of the open sea, between Inkoo and Porkkala. Accommodation for eight persons, conference room for about ten. A real hideaway in the outer isles, where you forget the existence of time.

Family Wikström are responsible for the warm spirit, great food, and hospitality of the place. All commodities. Dining is included in the price.

  • Main breeds of fish in the nearby waters: Sea trout, pike, perch, whitefish, pike-perch, salmon
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Tammisaari City Hotel

This charming hotel is located a two minute walk from the harbor, where the fishing trip begins. The boat trip does not have to be long, as already in 3 minutes we are in waters where 10-kilo pikes live. The hotel is right on the edge of the Tammisaari beach boulevard, so after the fishing trip and hotel dinner there is a great opportunity to explore the nightlife of the city. The hotel offers many types of meeting rooms and accommodation.

  • Breeds of fish in nearby waters: pike, perch, pike-perch, sea trout, white fish
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Gullö Manor

When staying at Gullo Manor, you will be surrounded by lush forests and an old farmhouse. Gullö Island is located south of Tammisaari and there is a driving route through the Skåldö dam. The Bränneriet, located close to the beach in the manor houses, offers affordable accommodation for fishing groups.
The 86 square meters two-storey house has four double bedrooms. The house has all the tools for self-cooking, but it’s worth asking the host about dining opportunities at the nearby restaurant Gullön Krouv.

Accommodates: 8

Bedrooms: 4

Day meeting: 80

  • Main breeds of fish in the nearby waters: pike, perch, pike-perch, sea trout, white fish
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Villa Ida

Situated on the shore of the gulf, opening north of the rude Bromarvi village, lies the historic Villa Ida built in 1904. The house was renovated in 1996 and thus revitalized Bromarvin’s pension years ago. The villa has 160 + 20 square meters with five rooms, three toilets and three showers. Maximum occupancy is 13 people. Villa Ida is a TV-free area, but there is a radio!

  • Accommodates: 13
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Breeds of fish in nearby waters: pike, pike-perch, perch, sea trout, white fish
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Ylöstalo villas, multiple villas for rent!

Särkisalo is known for its large pike. Finland’s record pike was caught right near the villas and every year several fish over ten kilos are caught. The deep and cloudy waters of Särkisalo are also unparalleled for pike-perch fishing.

On the western shore of Särkisalo Island, Ylöstalo Farm offers many types of accommodation and meeting rooms. The 90-square-meter Keisari and Näsinlinna, completed in 1996, each have 2 x 2 bedrooms and a loft for up to four fishermen. Near the port there is a 80 square meter Emperor’s Villa and a 30-square-meter Little Emperor.
In 2008, the fine Villa Meri was completed for larger business groups. Here we can organize a seminar in beautiful scenery and then go on a guided fish trip with several guides. When the fish have been caught, it is time to enjoy delicacies prepared from the catch. 
In 2015, two new villas were completed: Albin and Rufus.
The villas have all amenities and food service when needed.
  • Accommodates: 70
  • Bedrooms: 30
  • Meeting: 100
  • Breeds of fish in nearby waters: pike, pike-perch, perch, sea trout, white fish.
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Hotel Kasnäs

On the stunning cliffs of the southern tip of Kemiö Island, Hotel Kasnäs offers unmatched accommodation. There are 6 separate buildings built into slope, with accommodation for a total of 60 people. Each room has its own direct exit. For meetings or negotiations after the day of fishing, we recommend the beach sauna conference room. After the meeting, you are awaited by the sauna, the sea, a warm bath in a specific archipelago barrel and also a delicious dinner.

  • Accommodates: 60
  • Bedrooms: 30
  • Main breeds of fish in nearby waters: perch, pike, sea trout, white fish, pike-perch.
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Pohjola Cottages

Lake Lohjanjärvi is a true fish haven. It is particularly interesting for its good fish shoals, which we catch primarily via casting and vertical jigging. At the southwestern corner of the lake, close to the mouth of the river, lies a very high-grade accommodation, Pohjola Cottages, completed in 2005. The terraced villa with a lush garden has three different apartments, which can accommodate up to 8 people each. The apartments are fully equipped, tastefully decorated and each has a great view of Lohjanjärvi Lake, which is reflected in the lower part of the ridge. This is a great fit also for larger group meetings, where the main discussion topic is fishing.
  • Accommodates: 24
  • Bedrooms: 12
  • Main breeds of fish in nearby waters: pike-perch, perch, pike.
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Villa Trollberg

Situated in the vicinity of Korssundet Strait, Villa Trollberg has been completed in 2005. It offers plenty of accommodation: up to 3 boat-fulls, so 12 people. The 177 square meter high quality villa has 4 x 2-people rooms, as well as a loft. Additional accommodation space in the courtyard. A separate sauna is located on the lower ridge. There is no reason to leave this villa for a long trip, as good hotspots are within sight. A full kitchen is available for your own cooking, but you can also order food service.

  • Accommodates: 12
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Meeting: 12
  • Main breeds of fish in nearby waters: pike, pike-perch, perch, white fish.
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